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It's time to call out these shady scammers, they deserve prison time for scamming and taking advantage of aspiring actors/actresses/models. Please spread this list. A REAL CASTING COMPANY / AGENCY WILL NEVER ASK FOR MONEY! THEY GET A PERCENTAGE OF WHAT YOU MAKE FROM THE GIGS THEY GET YOU!!!!

Starmaker Talent
Movie Work Now
Talent 6
Via Models & Entertainment
The Young Agency
Empire Talent & Models
Tyler Model Management
Socialite Models
Deborah Maddox Agency


Only stick to SAG / AFTRA licensed agencies. Visit SAG.ORG for more information.

Good Faith Casting
Dani's Agency
Ford/Black Agency, Robert
Fosi's Talent Agency
Leighton Agency, Inc
S.I.M. Model/Talent Agency
Signature Models & Talent
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  1. If you have any particular questions or would like to add to this list, feel free to comment here.

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  3. indeed i agree they suggested the class just so i can become marketable and be able do get more gigs i did a cold read and she likes how i sound and by taking the class i can perfect it..

  4. One of the things that is interesting is how parents want their children to model or do commercials but for some reason think that they should not have to pay for professional pictures or comp cards. They think it is a scam when The Young Agency or another agency requires them to do so. This industry is a professional business and anyone who desires to be a part of it and are serious about it would not be too bright to let a few hundred dollars for the tools they need to stand in their way. The Young Agency SHOWS the work of models, adults and children, that have worked. The only people who cry 'scam' are the ones who for reasons no one can know didn't get a job that they auditioned for maybe! Alot of the children on the covers of Arizona Parenting magazine are children models from The Young Agency! The girl that ended up on the cover of Seventeen magazine probably feels like her photo shoot dollars and comp cards were well worth it!!!!!!!

  5. To kourneyown and Fnom:

    Wow. I did not see any evidence you got any jobs with Young Agency. Too bad you are too ignorant to read the SAG website. The person who made this blog did indeed do research. For all we know, you could just be Young Agency writing this BS. Maybe you should do you research and find out the true definition of REAL agencies. A a couple posters on the wall means nothing. Any business can do that. In fact, many business cut articles out of magazines and placing them on the walls. They pretend they have launched a famous person's career to impress the people walking thru the door. Like I said, read the SAG website. NOT difficult.

  6. I took my daughter to the young agency, that place is a scam! They told me they would help me pay for pictures, the price was $1100! I called around and found out that pictures are no where near that much. I wouldn't bother with them. And by the way they are not franchised with SAG/AFTRA

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  8. Does anybody know anything about Dani's Agency or the Leighton Agency? Both agencies are interested in my 2 children and I am a little nervous about getting scammed. If anyone has any information they can give me, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

  9. GREAT posting!
    Starmaker is A JOKE!! Still owe me $200 from over 5 years ago.....they'll take anyone!! If ya saw me, you'd agree! =)
    THE YOUNG is a joke as well.....

  10. I want to do modeling, but keep running into scams. Anyone know any legit agencies?I would like to be a model for "The Agency Arizona" but don't exactly know how to message them telling them. I don't have any experience in modeling but I know I have what it takes. It's my dream to be one. I don't want to sound desperate or look that way so how should I message them?


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  11. Is there anything I can do if I have started to use an agency and feel that they have scammed me and taken my money?

  12. does any one know about the Deborah madox ageancy ? Is this a legit agency ? I knw the young agency is a joke !!!

  13. Deborah Maddox is legit. Did not ask for any money upfront for my daughter.

    1. Deborah has presented me for the past few years. She's very legit.

    2. Deborah has presented me for the past few years. She's very legit.

  14. Rob Cravens,
    Can you tell me more about your experience w/Deborah Maddox? My 2 children have been offered a contract with her agency and I'm hesitant as they are not SAG/AFTRA endorsed. They asked us to pay $89 to set up their digital com cards and we had to pay for headshot for our older child...was this the same for you?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated!

  15. I had read the reviews about the Young Agency before I took my daughter there. From what I had heard, I was careful not to be scammed. I wasn't happy with the process and decided we would get our own photography at a later date. But then we got a call from them a few months later from "Susie" saying that she had seen my daughter's file and thought she could get her some commercial gigs. We got sucked into a meeting with Susie (who never told us her last name, never gave us a business card, only showed us other kid's photo sheets that she pulled out of a ziploc bag). I ended up getting a "deal" on a photo session for professional head shots. It took over a month and lots of phone calls to finally receive the head shots and when we got them, they had been so photoshopped that it didn't even look like my daughter. If I was a client, I would be upset that the photo didn't represent the child correctly. I complained about this and was made to feel guilty like I didn't think my child was naturally beautiful or some kind of crap like that. So I continued to get their emails for "jobs" that hardly ever fit my daughter's age and descriptions...and the ones we did reply to, we never heard back. I understand that it may have been a bad fit, but after a year...and nothing....and never heard from Susie again. WTF? If this isn't a scam, I don't know what is! SAVE YOUR MONEY...go elsewhere!

  16. So there were these auditions a Chandler mall. They had a catwalk out and everything, but it still look sketchy.

  17. The young acency will take youre money,time. They are fake I took my daughter I had to pay 1,000 dls for ugly pictures.and they wanted more for fees,please dont waist time and youre money.

  18. The young acency will take youre money,time. They are fake I took my daughter I had to pay 1,000 dls for ugly pictures.and they wanted more for fees,please dont waist time and youre money.

  19. John casblanca is a fake agency they wanted a very large amount of money for books and classes and god knows what then wanted us to sign a contact for more fees on the first day of call back